Authentic WWII German Uniforms  including helmet, tunic, wool pants, wool shirt, combat boots, belt $175


WWII Officers Tunic include visored cap, tunic, trousers, officers boots $150

M36 German WWII Officers Uniforms
WWII SS Uniform includes visored cap, tunic, trousers, marching boots $150

SS Tunic Uniform Black German WWII Rental

WWII German uniforms include helmet, tunic, trousers, marching boots $150

M36 German WWII Uniforms

German Stahlhelm $25


German Officer Tall Boots $50

Officer Boots

German Marching Boots $25

Enlisted Boots
German Shoes $10
Italian shoes $10
GI shoe $10

WWII Italian Uniforms includes helmet, tunic, trousers and web gear $175

Italian Full Gear

WWII Camp Inmate Uniforms includes hat, shirt, trousers–pre-stressed $125



Please note: We have many different lights and can customize your order.

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