We have an extensive collection of WWII Uniforms (all branch of service–US and German and Police Department Uniforms from the 1930’s to present day).


NYC Police uniform: includes visored cap, shirt, pants, fake cap badge and fake breast badge $125
New York City NYC Police Officer Cop Uniform Rental Rentals
Belt with accessories including leather holster, billy club, handcuffs, flashlight, cartridge pouch $50

Police Fake Belt Radio Handcuffs Keys Cartridge
Fake Guns
Stage Pistol-Realistic $50
Prop Pistol-blank firing $50

Rates vary according to how many accessories you need


Police Period 1950s Uniform Costume Rental
Police Officers 1960’s 1970’s 1980’s 1990’s

Vintage Police


County Police Officer  includes hat, shirt, pants. Officers Jacket included $125


Chicago Police Officer  include hat, shirt, pants. Officers Jacket included $125


Authentic Military Uniforms
WWII Uniforms
US Army Uniforms  include hat, shirt, pants. Officers Jacket included $125

Eisenhower Military Jacket Uniform Rental

US Army Aircorps Uniforms  include hat, shirt, pants. Officers Jacket included $125

WWII Tan Airforce Military Costume Uniform Rental

US Airforce Uniforms  include hat, shirt, pants. Officers Jacket included $125

Airforce Military Uniform Rental
US Naval Uniforms include hat, shirt, pants. Officers Jacket included $125

Navy Officer Captain Uniforms
US Navy Summer Tan and White Choker Collar Dress Uniform $125

Navy White Uniforms Costume Rental

European Peasants 1940’s-1950’s
Authentic WWII GI Uniforms include helmet, M43 style jacket, wool pants, wool shirt $125

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Shoes, webgear belt, canteen, rifle pouches, etc $45
WWII German uniforms include helmet, tunic, trousers, marching boots $150

M36 German WWII Uniforms


German Officer Tall Boots $50

Officer Boots

German Marching Boots $25

Enlisted Boots
German Shoes $10
Italian shoes $10
GI shoe $10

WWII Officers Tunic include visored cap, tunic, trousers, officers boots $150

M36 German WWII Officers Uniforms
WWII SS Uniform includes visored cap, tunic, trousers $125

SS Tunic Uniform Black German WWII Rental

WWII Italian Uniforms includes helmet, tunic, trousers $125

Italian Full Gear

WWII Camp Inmate Uniforms includes hat, shirt, trousers–pre-stressed $175


NYC Traffic Cop Uniform

Traffic Cop Uniform
US Mailman

Postal Uniform Rental

Crime Scene, FBI, CIA, Undercover Jackets $25
Court Officer

Sanitation Worker

Create your own combinations…


Emergency Vehicle Light (red) 

Replica Cap badge with numbers old pagers, telephones, cellphones


Replica Cap badge without numbers 
Undercover Cop Badge w/leather clasp and chain

Police Badge w/leather & chain
Shoulder Holster
Leg holster
Replica Breast Police badge
Breast badge without numbers

Prop Police Badge Badges For Movies


Baretta Military Pistol
Revolvers, Replica Tommy Guns, .38 “Saturday nite” special snubnose firing
.38 “Saturday nite” special snub nose non-firing
.38 Police revolver-firing
.38 Police revolver-non firing
These cannot chamber or fire real ammunition!!

Prop Fake Money $10.00 per bundle in 100’s etc…

Money and Guns

Handguns $50.00
Replica Rifles $125.00


Thompson M1A1 Prop Sub machine Gun

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